Meet the Designer Session: We chat to Rini and Cuckoo founders of Aarohi – The Design House


In this “Meet the Designer” Session we chat to Cuckoo Ravi & Rini John founders of Aarohi – The Design House

1)Tell us a bit about Aarohi?
Aarohi is a dream come true for us. We’ve been best friends since eighth grade and we have always dreamed of doing something together when we were growing up. Post school we went our separate ways. Seven years later, she a Designer and I a marketing professional – were struck with an idea of starting our own line of fashion. We were inspired abundantly when we were planning our respective weddings. A couple of months later we landed in Bangalore and started brain storming on how to get this started. And here we are today, 4 successful months later.

2)Who were your inspirations in fashion growing up?
There are so many who inspires you – the people in fashion industry, our friends, family, your surroundings, and so on. Its really difficult to pinpoint one person.

3)Can you tell us a little about your latest collection?
This month collections we have gone a bit to the party side keeping in mind Christmas and New Year! It’s a time of the year that you don’t need an excuse to splurge a bit more than usual. Its also the month of giving to your loved ones.

4)Can you share pics of sarees from this collection?
Sure, here you go.

5)Which design/outfit would you say was your signature piece?
Every single design we create is special to our hearts. Our signature piece can be looked as those pieces that brought a lot of appreciation. If we had to choose one, then it would be code A101 – A mustard yellow net sari with embroidery borders.

The earthy colors are our favorite and we love to play around those colors.

6)Do you have any message to other aspiring fashion designers?
Anything that could define your character and make you more confident is what a persons attire really is. Creating new designs shouldn’t come as a task. It should be a passion and one needs to stay inspired always for the passion to do its magic. If you get that right, there is nothing that can stop you :)


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